Welcome to Kamstrup Boats and Yachts

Kamstrup Boats and Yachts is a company wich is established 1991 and we are selling motor boats and accessories of all kind and brands. Ask us for our terms.

We are mainly importing our boats from the US, and all boats are checked by us personally before we are buying them.

We have a co-opreration with Søfinans if you need to finance the boat to a very low interest.
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We do have a close co-operation with the Fa. Bavaria Specialmarkler of Yachtversicherung from Grünwald/ München Germany, wich belongs to one of the biggest boat insurance companies in Europe. If you sign an insurance through Kamstrup, can you save up to 40% from your present hull-insurance. You are welcome to ask us for an offer.
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If you need all kind of accessories for your boat, can you also buy this with great advantage with us. We are dealer of Palby Marine, Lindemann and Garmin GPS-Navigation.
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If you are looking for a specific type/model of boat, are you also welcome to send us an email and
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You are also welcome to call us by phone on: +45 4036 8528

Have lot of fun with your new boat...

Kind regards
Kamstrup Boats and Yachts